Lower Back Pain

Most people have been exposed to the statistics about the incidence of lower back pain and know that almost everyone will suffer with lower back pain at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, after suffering one episode of back pain, it predisposes you to recurring episodes. Lower back pain can manifest in countless different ways and with as many different causes, and even sometimes for no cause that you can ascertain. Severe back pain can be both terrifying and disabling. And the worst part is that everyone has an opinion on the best method of management or a practitioner to see, which may not always work for you.

At Claremont Physiotherapy, we are able to help manage and reduce the early acute pain and muscle spasm, and progress your treatment and exercises as your pain begins to resolve. We will help you to identify the underlying cause of your pain, and once the initial pain is settled, we will provide education and advice for you to self-manage your spinal health to prevent future episodes of back pain. Clinical Pilates is particularly effective for managing lower back pain.

Physiotherapy treatment can be targeted to the facet joints, which connect the vertebrae at each level, their surrounding capsules and ligaments, and the supporting muscles in the torso and pelvis. We can also treat pain resulting from degenerative or ‘bulging’ discs, osteoarthritis and traumatic injury. We are able to treat throughout pregnancy and early post-natally.

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Clinical Pilates
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Massage Therapy
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