Neck Pain and Headaches

(including Whiplash Syndrome)

Your neck, or cervical spine, is comprised of 7 small vertebrae which support your head. When there is compression on the joints between the vertebrae, called facet joints, it can cause localized muscular tightness or spasm, as well as pain in the neck, upper back, shoulder and even referring to your arm and hand! It is also common to suffer headaches when the facet joints are tight. Your physiotherapist will perform treatment techniques to mobilise the stiff joints, reduce the muscular tightness and provide you with stretches and advice to manage your pain. See Claremont Shoulder & Neck Clinic for more information.

Another common presentation is an ‘acute locked facet joint’, which is sometimes called wry neck. An acute locked facet joint can occur after repetitive or heavy work, or after doing a new task. At other times it can occur during the night, from an awkward movement or sleeping position. It is characterized by severe neck pain, intense muscular spasm and markedly restricted movement when turning or tilting the head. It is often, but not always, concentrated to one side. Your physiotherapist can help ease the initial symptoms with gentle treatment and give you some recommendations to assist in a swift recovery.

Whiplash syndrome

Whiplash syndrome is most commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents, but in fact refers to any injury where the head moves rapidly forwards then backwards (or vice versa). It is the rapid acceleration-deceleration that creates the tissue damage. It can be present after other incidents, such as sporting injuries or heavy falls. Physiotherapy treatment can assist in managing the accompanying muscular pain and tightness and treating joint mobility.


Cervicogenic headaches are a common symptom of neck dysfunction, and are often diagnosed as migraine. Your neck problem may be the result of injury, or sustained postures, resulting in movement dysfunction between the vertebra and muscle tightness and weakness. Our physiotherapists are experienced in diagnosing the cause of your neck/headache problem and providing the right treatment and self management.

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