Patello-femoral Pain & Ilio-tibial Band Friction Syndrome

The patella-femoral joint is between the knee cap (patella) and thigh bone (femur). As you move and load the knee on a daily basis, the patella slides through a small groove in the femur. The cartilage surfaces on the bone usually allow this gliding action to occur smoothly and easily. Patello-femoral pain syndrome is the term used to describe knee pain which arises because of disruption to this gliding action. There are a variety of possible causes including: biomechanics of the leg and foot, tightness of the lateral (outer) muscles and connective tissue such as the ilio-tibial band, weakness of the medial (inner) muscles supporting the patella. Patello-femoral pain syndrome commonly develops with overuse, and is very common in both runners and cyclists. It can also occur after injury to the knee, such as ligament strains/tears or surgery.

Your physiotherapist will assess the biomechanics of your leg and foot. If required, we can provide orthotic inserts to correct foot position. We will also be able to provide appropriate exercises the stretch and strengthen as required and advice to manage your exercise load and other potentially aggravating factors. We can treat your pain using joint mobilisation, electrotherapeutic modalities and massage to your knee and leg. At Claremont Physiotherapy our massage therapist and physiotherapists work collaboratively to ensure you obtain the most effective treatment possible.

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