Postural Pain

Postural pain is an increasingly common condition which arises when we remain in static positions for extended periods of time. It can be especially noticeable for people who work in sedentary jobs, sitting at the desk for hours on end. Postural pain can often be described as a vague discomfort or ache, which worsens the longer you remain unmoving in one position and is eased by movement. Most sufferers of postural pain feel it is too basic to complain about, and this means it will often progress to causing more serious problems such as headaches, shoulder impingement or radiating back pain before treatment is sought. Postural pain develops because of overuse/under-use of muscle groups, which in turn is due to muscular fatigue when remaining in a sustained position. Whether your position is standing, sitting at a desk, or crouching to work on low surfaces, if you hold a fixed posture for more than 30 60 minutes without moving out of that position you increase the risk of postural pain developing.

Your physiotherapist can assist in alleviating the symptoms of muscular tightness and pain, as well as providing exercises and ergonomic advice to reduce the effects of postural pain. A regular remedial massage to reduce muscular tightness and assist in reducing the adverse effects of muscular fatigue can also help.

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