Wrist Injuries and Pain

With 27 bones in the wrist, tightly connected together and supported by a multitude of ligaments, it is unsurprising that you can develop pain and injury in the wrist quite easily. Wrist pain can arise due to trauma an injury to the wrist sustained by falling or heavy loading on the wrist, due to exercise or sports, or other injury. At other times wrist pain can progress more gradually, due to repetitive tasks. Wrist pain can become very disruptive, affecting your work and hobbies alike. Your physiotherapist can provide you with ergonomic recommendations to reduce the adverse effects of repetitive tasks at work and self-management advice to relieve your pain, as well as provide treatment to mobilise the affected joints. You may require a supportive brace to reduce the strain placed on the ligaments and joints, and your physiotherapist can advice you of the most appropriate design for your injury/pain.

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